First post


It's officially fall and I hope to hit the ground running with portrait orders and learning how to manage a business. I thought I would start this blog by posting some of my older work and adding a bit of a story if there is one.

This isn't going very far back, but here is a quick sketch of my son. I was in Sydney, NS for three nights at an art festival helping a friend install a piece and it was the longest I was away from him since he was born. As much as I was enjoying myself - meeting new people, exploring a new town, pumping up balloons, eating all the food - I was still frequently homesick.

This is from about a year ago, when I decided that I should get back into drawing portraits and actually make a real go of it. 

And this is the piece that I helped install. It's Cumulo by Kelly Caseley, part of Lumiere, an open art festival. It's balloons! And took about 10 hours to install. It was a busy weekend full of the nicest, most helpful people in a beautiful city with great mexican food and butter tarts. 

Whelp, that's it for a first post. Thanks for reading!