The Beginning

I drew a lot when I was young and some of my earlier drawings were worth keeping. At least, worth keeping to my parents. I would have thrown them out long ago but now I'm glad they hung onto them. I drew the same things most kids were drawing at my age, but maybe just put a bit more time into it.

Often I would challenge friends to drawing a contest - a total ego boosting move - and have my poor Mom or their poor Mom guess who did what drawing, when it was fairly clear. A very good friend of mine then was a year younger than me, giving me an even greater advantage. Sorry to all of my friends back then! You should have challenged me to a handwriting or history lesson contest. That I would surely lose. 

I love the trend of reading things we wrote as kids. A lot of good laughs come out of it. So maybe sharing things we drew as kids will catch on too! Please, laugh freely at these! 


This is probably the first drawing I did of my parents and definitely my first wedding portrait. I'm going to say I was in elementary school, so maybe in the 10-12 age range? That's my guess. Pretty spot on portrait though. I could have given my Dad a neck I guess. And made it resemble them slightly. Otherwise, flawless.


Now something seasonly appropriate. I may have been a bit older, at least 12 by this time. Got a nice little pumpkin there, scaredy cat and your standard bat in front of a definitely traced moon.


The most embarrassing of this selection is a sample of my failed attempt at making comics. I don't have one of the comics, but this is a Mother's Day card featuring the characters. I've never had a great visual memory and usually struggle to draw anything without a reference. I think I found this out by creating The Nuggets, who I would draw in various lame jokey scenarios. I really couldn't draw them in an interesting way and usually just had them standing stiffly forward. Nor could I write anything funny! I was around 12 or 13 at this time. Oh, and Teddy was my hamster.


This is a small selection, but I know there are tons more at my parent's place that I can probably fish out. I can't promise I'll find it, but I'm pretty sure one of my first self portraits features my head with a guitar sort of floating beside it. Not because I played guitar however, but because it seemed like a cool accessory to draw beside my head at the time. Kind of like those portrait studio pictures of kids with a teddy bear fade out in the background.

I encourage other people to share awful childhood drawings if you have them! And let me know about it! 

Thanks for reading and hopefully laughing!